as always…. it just came back from nowhere…. months passed by and there you go:


fuck! respect kutiman for the new thru you album.

and what i found even more amazing…


and finally i made it. with a huge motion sickness, down at 20 meters, in 18 degrees…. i’m a certified recreational diver.

and soon – hopefully day after tomorrow – i can finally park my 3.5 years old IBM T42 laptop that traveled with me around the world… my new machine is coming ;)

the short list where this thing has been with me:

  • london – the wedding
  • all around netherlands – the esa workshops
  • helsinki
  • all around hungary
  • all around austria
  • all around serbia
  • paris
  • australia – even in hobart!
  • switzerland – another wedding….

and for sure i forgot to mention some places… i think the only shitty materialist gadget that traveled ‘seen’ more places is my ipod ;)

well, i’m just hoping that the old T42 tank will survive till the new machine arrives, as the power cord is broken for the last 1 month…

the last 4.5 years is basically is a big world tour for me and who knows whether this was just the beginning, or the end…

have fun in leb. my friend! ;)

been there done that.... haven't finished

well basically everything is described in lulu rouge’s melankoli:
it’s only raining
because of you
i’ll drink the water
if you do

close your eyes and see
they’ll keep on dancing
for me

the holly waters
fall on your head
they should be dancing

it’s only raining
because of you
i keep on calling
but for who

i haven’t finished things over that land over that dream… and cannot just deny it, so i just gotta do it. c’est la vie sunshine…..

btw: seen a shark on my first diving

scuba diving

i’ve just came back from my first ever scuba diving lesson from the local pool….. i can tell you. THIS IS ONE OF THE MOST FUCKEN’ AMAZING THING IN THE LIFE, THAT EVERYBODY SHOULD TRY OUT!!!

and i’m going down to the coast on the weekend as part of my scuba diving training…. I CANNOT WAAAAAAIT! a FULL WEEKEND JUST DIVING!!!